Sunday, December 4, 2011

Art With Stone Collection on ArtFire

I began my computer day with some "SK" fun, (since I refer to my Spiritkeepers as "SK's"); a fellow member, SKCreations has picked a Spiritkeepers Stone to feature in a Collection on the site! Titled "Art With Stone", there is indeed a good offering of the types of art that can be done with stone; Paintings, carvings, photography, and more.

 My creation that was chosen (see mini gallery below) is the American Bison (or buffalo) scene painted on a naturally holed fossil stone # sk 021. I discovered the forms of bison on the stone while base coating the surface with paint. It's really amazing to me how the mind's eye pulls images from imagination! So I followed the lines that were created by the layers of fossil that make up the stone. Painting it was fun but a challenge. Sealing it was just plain time consuming, but worth the effort of course. I noticed in my listing that I stated something to the effect of it being water washable with cold water and care... HA! In reality there is such a seal of quality protective coating that the stone could be dropped in a lake and have the muck scraped off 10 years later without damage to the painting! :) I still wouldn't want it displayed outdoors though. As a matter of fact, all of my stones are sealed that well. Anyway, I'm digressing, so back to the Collection.

If you're a lover of stone this Collection is worth a look! Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and browse over. It's not just the items shown either, like the stunning mirror or cool reproduction artifact ember pot, check the other items in these sellers stores too. There's a very diverse range of items. I had a good time browsing them all -- lovely creative products. Click on the mini gallery below to see the entire Collection on ArtFire. I hope you enjoy browsing it too!

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