Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Story Time Painted Stone

Peruvian Storyteller with Children; This rock had been a member of my studio space for a few years before I felt called to paint the unique Peruvian Storyteller design. Warm earth tones accent the friendly charm of this heartwarming Ayacucho storyteller and her young friends, including the white bird. Wearing traditional clothing of Peru, the expressive characters bring the design on the stone to life. It's hoped to be an inspiring piece reflecting family values, togetherness, and showcasing the age-old legacy of storytelling. Sized at three inches wide, three and a half inches long and standing at about one and a half inches high this one of a kind hand painted rock makes a perfect desktop paperweight or addition to any home decor.

The design is totally unique to this piece, and there is no pattern that exists. It was drawn directly onto the stone, then painted with quality acrylic paints. When I work with materials, especially rocks, I often get impressions or mental images. I feel that I tap into the energy of a stone, and we seem to exchange waves, or communicate. I interpret that energy, in combination with natural marks and bumps on the surface, to create the spiritual images that are Spiritkeepers Stones. I'm fully open to the concept that this process is simply my active imagination alone, but through my own experiments, I'm satisfied that I am communicating with the stone, or object, in most cases; my experience with this spiritual energy is perhaps akin to Remote Viewing. Some stones seem as if they've been assigned, or chosen, a spiritual job to do, and may need to find the person they are to do work for; That's where someone like me enters the picture. I am a helper to the stone along its path.
Now, this particular stone told me that it was very old and had journied far. Once it had been a giant boulder high up in the mist covered Olympic Mountains. It had slowly begun to shift its location on the mountain until it reached the river. Boulders and stones do this by altering the energy waves and weakening the soil structure around them. It doesn't damage or effect the health of the soil, but simply changes the energy waves; like giving a wiggle. Tiny wiggles eventually create a full move. It doesn't matter to most rocks how quickly the move occurs; time is a different matter to stone. By the time this particular stone reached the place where I found it, there was not more than a handful of the original boulder left; having been worn down from the river. I knew the slightly triangle shaped rock was more of a storyteller than most other stones, so decided upon the Native Peruvian storyteller woman as a motif. There is a strong connection to the heartbeat of the Earth inside her. Someone is in need of the gifts this stone has to offer ... is it you?
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* Kokopelli Dancing Spiritkeepers Stone #skko07

Patron of music, dance, creativity, storytelling, and abundance. Kokopelli compares somewhat to the Lakota Heyoka medicine person, or Sacred Clown, in that through entertainment and shock the people are distracted into learning lessons to take right action.
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