Monday, August 13, 2007

Polar Bear Running in Moonlight


A hand painted polar bear running in the light of the full moon graces this naturally holed stone, which is also covered with fossils! Limestone and shale filled with fossil specimens from the Southern Ohio Valley (Cincinnatian, Devonian Periods perhaps), such as brachiopod and even fossil algae. Connecting one's self metaphysically with that ancient wet land environment can call upon the Akashic Record and open inner doors to the knowledge of humanity; revealing secrets lost. The image is unique to this piece; one of a kind, and created from the shapes within the natural surfaces of the delicate stone. Includes brass display stand as seen in photos. Sits at 5" inches tall and is 4 1/2" inches at the widest point. Place near your workspace/computer to remind you of the mundane world outside of technology and work. Go for a moon light run with the power of polar bear! Each Spiritkeepers is unique and individually numbered. This piece is intended for indoor display though surface is water washable with cold water and care. Stone #sk026 has SOLD.

Polar Bear - Being the most outstanding hunter of the bear family also makes the polar bear the most aggressive of the bears. They have very keen hearing, listening for sounds under the ice from above. When polar bear hears a seal bubbling to the surface it patiently waits for the favorite prey to come up. They pounce on the seals to drag them from the water. This indicates that polar bear knows when to wait and when to act on an opportunity. These bears have a playful side too, sliding on ice and playing with cubs, indicating that though they're serious about the task at hand they know when to relax and nourish the soul. If you think that polar bear is a totem animal for you then be sure to examine the animals it chooses as prey; there'll likely be a second totem in there for you. Read more about totem animals at the artists web site page for
Animals Totems

From a metaphysical view, being comprised of fossil, this stone is a link to ancient knowledge; the Akashic Record. It is thought this type of stone can accelerate the transfer of said knowledge into one's "being". Telepathic abilities may develop or increase. Fossils in general, from a metaphysical understanding, may bring quality & excellence into one's surroundings. It may raise the level of, and add to one's achievements in the business world. Creativity may be increased simply by the presence of fossil stone in the environment. (some portions of above paragraph from Love is in the Earth by Melody)

A naturally holed stone, or holey stone, is also known as the Witches Amulet. It is the most powerful protection amulet for the witch because it IS the presence of the Goddess Herself. The opening in the stone is the Sacred Womb of the Earth. When strung with a red string or ribbon and hung over the bed it acts as a shield against bad dreams; called the Witches Dream Shield -- much like the Native American dream catcher. A holey stone may also be used for Full Moon magic by gazing at the moon through the hole.