Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sumerian Inanna Spiritkeepers Stone sk061

The Mesopotamian Sumerian Goddess Inanna, in her chalice-shaped form (circa 800 BCE), she sits in a characteristic breast-offering pose with metallic gold painted jewelry on this one of kind Spiritkeepers Stone. On her lap rests a crescent moon. This flat pebble figure is painted on a brown stone river rock and coated with several layers of protective gloss varnish.

Sized At: 44mm long, 34mm wide, 7mm thick (about 1 3/4 inches long)

Each Spiritkeepers Stone is unique, individually numbered, and signed with the sigil logo on the reverse; no fillers or cutting ever used on stones. This piece is intended for indoor display and surface is water washable.

Sumerian Inanna #sk061 may be available; check at my home site.

*unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt.

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