Saturday, February 10, 2007

WOLF Giant Holey Stone: In Progress

This wolf holey stone will be the largest Spiritkeeper to date, when it's finished, at nearly a foot wide and an inch and a half thick. I feel this stone was certainly a special find, in itself. Being in the shape of a triangle, having three natural holes and being loaded with fossils, this stone nearly screams "Sacred" to any Wiccan, witch or Neo-Native American, (as if any stone were NOT sacred in the first place). I'm taking my sweet time with painting this one. I want the natural forms in the stone to create the image of the wolf, and it's working well! Some areas, such as the lower muzzle, are created by dry brushing over actual brachiopod shell fossils in the surface! I don't want to hide the natural form of the stone so dry brushing over certain areas allows those forms to show. The side of the face near the hole has deep grooves in the stone and will feel like carved fur to the touch. Several layers of paint may be applied until I feel the resulting image reflects a true personality of a timber wolf -- the character of the creature. When finished it will be well coated with a protective varnish.

(Nose is an actual fossil shell!)

I found this large naturally holed stone while camping with my family in Southern Ohio. For anyone interested in the specific fossil record information I'm sure I can supply a reasonable account of location and layer, but this is intended as a piece of artwork rather than a fossil specimen offering. For the spiritual account, know that the energies were quite high when this rock was gathered! A huge summer electric storm system was providing a wondrous light show -- from a safe distance -- a meteor shower graced a lovely view, and loving family bonds were strengthened through sharing.
When I was asked to attend the camping trip I had that familiar feeling of "Spirit" calling me to work, so to say. I knew it was to be more than just a get away. I enjoyed my time with my loved ones, I learned many things metaphysically and personally, and came back with several future Spiritkeeper stones. Family bonding was the main focus of the camping trip, so I feel the wolf on this stone, as a symbol of the power of family -- of the pack -- is a perfect balance of spiritual energies. Fossils connect us to the oceans of the past and can aide psychic ability, intuition, and the creative drive. Those energy influences will seep from the fossils, in a positive way of course, without the owner needing to do a thing. I hope this wolf Spiritkeeper will not only be a loved piece of art for someone but will become a home for Spirit to dwell with happiness.

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