Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rockin' Collection Honoring The Mother

Two special days in the US are getting near, Earth Day on the 22 of April and Mother's Day the 12th of May, so a member of has curated together a fine selection of items that celebrate the Sacred Mother Earth. It's titled, "Honoring The Mother - Earth Day Every Day", and the Collection was curated by CactusCroneCreations who had the following to say about it, "A different Mother's Day - a time for honoring our Earth, Earth Mother, Mother Earth, Gaia. A time for looking around at all the beauty and diversity we are blessed with here. Happy Earth Day! Happy Mother's Day!"
There's a pretty and colorful group of goodies to browse! I'm honored to have two pieces selected for this Collection. First my oil painting titled, "Gaia Mother of Earth", was chosen. It features a realistic pregnant female covered in billowing white cloth. Then a very different representation of the Earth Mother was selected with the Ancient Spiral Earth Goddess Spiritkeepers Stone that I painted. It's a paperweight sized genuine river rock with a blue luster background -- She's very earthy!
Collections are a great way for members and Artfire visitors to shop, browse, and spark up their own creative fire too, so I hope that you'll stop by to see this Collection as well as the many other handmade treasures Artfire has to offer.

You can visit my store directly by clicking, and below I've included a window to the Collection. Clicking a picture will pop open a window for you. Enjoy! I send hopes for a happy Earth Day and Mother's Day to you all -- may the season be kind and bring plenty of smiles!

*unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Paperweight Pleasures

Many of the Spiritkeepers Stones that I paint are perfectly sized to be used as paperweights. A fellow member of ArtFire must think so to because one of my stones was chosen to be featured in a member curated "collection"! It's a joy to see my granite Raccoon with a lovely selection of paperweights in different materials. So let the Spring winds inspire you, and browse these paperweights to keep your thoughts in place! :)
Visit the collection by clicking on the images below, and journey to my Studio Store HERE.

"When THE WIND BLEW, I held down my papers with a beautiful paperweight."

*unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt. 

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