Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Venus of Willendorf Style Goddess Painted on Pebble

A hand painted ancient style goddess 'Venus figurine' features on this new stone; one of a kind pebble art. The Paleolithic female figure holds a cornucopia, or horn of plenty, in one hand and Her other hand rests on Her belly. Painted on a garden pebble that has unique natural shapes similar to stones chosen by ancient mankind for such purposes. The natural surface has been left to show on the reverse.
Venus figurines is an umbrella term for a number of prehistoric statuettes of women portrayed with similar physical attributes from the Upper Palaeolithic, although they predate the mythological figure of Venus by millenia. These figurines were carved from soft stone, bone or ivory, or formed of clay and fired. Typical features of Venus figurines include the swollen belly, wide-set thighs, large breasts, and pronounced vulva. They are some of the earliest works of prehistoric art and may represent a Mother Goddess concept or a form of Sympathetic Magic to attract abundance.

Paleolithic Goddess Figure Spiritkeepers Stone #sk067
Size: 29mm x 23mm x 14mm thick
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Each Spiritkeepers Stone by Tree Pruitt is unique, individually numbered, and signed with the sigil logo; no fillers or cutting ever used on stones. The reverse side shows the I.D. sigil and number. This piece is intended for indoor display, though coated with a durable clear varnish.

*unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt.

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