Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Peruvian Storyteller with Children

Warm earth tones accent the friendly charm of this heartwarming Ayacucho storyteller and her young friends, including the white bird. Wearing traditional clothing of Peru, the expressive characters bring the design on the stone to life. An inspiring piece reflecting family values and showcasing the age-old legacy of storytelling. Sized at three inches wide, three and a half inches long and standing at about one and a half inches high this Spiritkeepers Stone makes a perfect desktop paperweight or addition to your South American decor.

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*A traditional tale from Peru, "The Fox and the Mole," from Latin American Tales, by Genevieve Barlow http://www.globaled.org/globalLiteracy/handouts/glHandout23A.html

*Shop for Spiritkeepers http://www.mysticgriffin.com/

This rock had been a member of my studio space for a few years before I painted the Peruvian Storyteller design on it. A great friend had taken me to a river in Washington State to explore for the day. That's where I gathered the stone.
We had a wonderful time splashing around in the cold mountain water. It was salmon run season so we stayed close to shore; Some of those fish are nearly as big as myself and powerfully strong, so I had plenty of incentive to stay clear. At one point, I was standing in the water remembering all of the stories I'd read of magic fish raising up out of the waters surface to speak or even grant wishes, (wishes from fishes)! My imagination played with the idea of being a character in one of those stories. As I thought of the fish, a large shape to my left suddenly rushed at me! I squealed and ran for the shore as if in a Jaws movie. I thought one of those big salmon was coming to get me, so I ran for my life! I lost my footing on the rocks and went face first into the cold water! My friend was laughing at my "green horn" behavior and literally smacking his knee. You see, the sun had peeked out just enough to cast a cloud reflection in the water. The shape that came at me was a cloud reflecting in the rippling water! Of course I felt a fool, but I had to laugh too.
Before I pulled myself up out of the water, a single stone seemed to whisper to me -- "take me!", it called. I picked it up to have a look at my find. Well, some people say that true beauty is more than skin deep; it's deep inside. This was a plain white-ish stone; no crystal sparkles, no fossils, no scratches or breaks. I noticed the sort of triangular shape, and again the stone seemed to whisper, "yessss". So I opened myself to test the energy of the stone; the spiritual and/or physical energy it puts out. The rock seemed to tell me this was what it wanted.

My experience with this spiritual energy is somewhat akin to Remote Viewing, I think. As I tap into the energy of the stone, we exchange waves and I get impressions or mental images. I'm fully open to the concept that this process is simply my active imagination alone, but through my own experiments I'm satisfied that I am communicating with the stone or object in most cases. Now, this particular stone told me that it was very old and had journeyed far. Once it had been a giant boulder high up in the mist covered mountain. It had slowly begun to shift its location on the mountain. Boulders and stones do this by altering the energy waves and weakening the soil structure around them. It doesn't damage or effect the health of the soil, but simply changes the energy waves like giving a wiggle. Tiny wiggles eventually create a full move. It doesn't matter to most large rocks how quickly the move occurs; time is a different matter to stone. Some smaller stones might have care about time if they've been assigned a spiritual job to do. They may need to find the person they are supposed to work for; that's where someone like me enters the picture. I am a helper to the stone, and because I try to discern what it is they might like to do they reach out to me.
So this particular stone had been worn down from the move down the river. By the time it reach the place where I had found it there was not more than a handful of the original boulder left. The slightly triangle shaped rock was more of a storyteller than most other stones. I knew this stone had even more to tell. It has sat in my collection for some time now. I became sure that it was a storytelling stone so then decided upon the Native Peruvian storyteller woman as a motif. The feeling of someone calling is out there. Someone is in need of the gifts this stone has to offer. Is it you?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Big Otter Spiritkeepers Stone sk022

This item is actual stone, hand painted by artist Tree Pruitt.

A highly detailed form of an adorable otter graces this large Spiritkeepers stone. It is a hand painted original design created from the natural forms of the rock itself! See, in the photos, how the back leg actually has dimension.
Handpainted otter Spiritkeepers stone by Tree Pruitt.
Fur is created from hours of carefully dry brushing acrylic paint over the surface. Finished with a durable indoor/outdoor protective varnish. Sized at seven inches long, nearly three inches tall, and with a depth of two inches at the hind quarter, it makes a perfect desktop paper weight or home accent. Sits upright by itself on a level surface. Each Spiritkeepers is unique and individually numbered. This piece is intended for indoor display though surface is water washable with cold water and care. Smooth bottom is safe for most all surfaces. Stone #sk022, check my website for availability.

The playful otter is filled with curious feminine energy. Each of us, regardless of gender, has both a feminine and masculine side. One of the lessons of otter is the balance of feminity; to avoid catty, jealous behavior and delight in sharing with others. The otter can help awaken your inner child, and show you how to release yourself from the things in life that may be a burden or bind. Be comfortable in your own environment. Stop clinging to the rocks, and go with the flow of the river of life in joy, as does the otter.
TOTEM ANIMAL KEY NOTES: playful, feminine energy, curiosity, balance, wisdom to use knowledge learned

Friday, June 8, 2007

Timber Wolf Holey Stone #018

This item is SOLD.


A highly detailed bust of a red brown timber wolf. Golden eyes shine out from fur created by dry brushing many layers of paint over the natural texture of the stone. A wash of a pale blue sky and green makes a slight background. The new owner of this stone will be amazed to feel the details in the actual surface! Sculpted by an ancient underground river. The ears and chin, especially, are created from dry brushing thin layers of paint over the natural shapes in the rock. Being naturally holed, and sized at two inches high and two wide, this rock makes a perfect totem amulet or Witches Dream Shield. The thickness is about one fourth of an inch. Since this timber wolf Spiritkeepers can be worn as a necklace or pendant it comes with a light tan satin cord. Each Spiritkeepers is unique and individually numbered. This piece is intended for indoor display though surface is water washable with cold water and care. Stone #018

Wolf SpiritKeepers™ Holey Stone - A naturally holed stone, or holey stone, is also known as the Witches Amulet. It is the most powerful protection amulet for the witch because it IS the presense of the Goddess Herself. The opening in the stone is the Sacred Womb of the Earth. When strung with a red string or ribbon and hung over the bed, (Witches Dream Shield), it acts as a shield against bad dreams -- much like the Native American dream catcher. A holey stone may also be used for Full Moon magic by gazing at the moon through the hole. **NOTE: Information and suggestions intended as entertainment only. I make no claims to an items magickal abilities. Meditate at your own risk!

All art work images, unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt. Text information may not be used for profit. Metaphysical suggestions are intended as entertainment only -- I/we make no claims as to the ability of the action of stones, spells or advise.
Information about hand painted Spiritkeepers ™ stones & shells by WWAO artist, Tree Pruitt.