Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Curled Up Grizzly Bear Stone sk034

Hand painted on this pebble lays a grizzly bear curled up; perhaps awoken from a nap. The playfully detailed image was inspired by bumps and shapes found on the natural surface of the rock. This type of stone is a variety of granite. It was collected by hand from the Northern Pacific Ocean in the United States. Display as home decor or keep as animal spirit guide reminder; Place near computer workspace to remind you of the magic world of nature.

Sized at 28 mm x 35 mm x 11 mm thick
Symbolism of the Bear:
In both ancient and modern cultures bear often represents the Primordial Mother energy. One reason for this is that mother bears are fierce to protect offspring. The bear is also seen as a symbol for Earth energy and dreaming as they tend to travel the depths of caves into the figurative womb of the planet; burrowing deep to hibernate. In spiritual art and Jungian studies the curious bear represents the deepest parts of the inner self consciousness, revealed through introspections self discovery. Bear is a guide to lure the seeker deeper into the portion of “The Hero’s Journey”, (see Joseph Campbell), that requires the Hero to look deeper still within the self.

*Positive Aspects - wisdom, strength, endurance, ingenuity, healing, nurturing, protection, introspection, imagination

*Negative Aspects - poor vision or lack of insight, quick temper, being nosey, indulgence, refusal to back down

Copyright Tree Pruitt

*unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt.

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