Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Egyptian God Thoth

The ancient Egyptian God Thoth (or Toth) was thought to be a self-begotten 'One' of his own making, and held many important attributes. It was believed that the gods would not exist without the words of Thoth, as he was the scribe of the gods and the Underworld, thus his power was nearly unlimited. Being the creator of writing he was seen as the author of all works of science, religion, magic, philosophy, and was the master of all forms of law. Thoth was a record keeper for the Underworld, wise counselor, and persuader to both humans and gods.

Usually depicted as a man with the head of an ibis, or simply the head of the bird, he was sometimes depicted as a baboon holding a crescent shaped moon because it was Thoth who directed the motions of heavenly bodies; the curve of the ibis' beak is similar to a crescent moon and baboons were observed as intelligent nocturnal creatures. This deity was associated with the moon due to its significant importance in early astrology, astronomy, and many of Egyptian society's important events were governed by the cycles of the moon. Perhaps Thoth, like the moon in the dark of night, provided illumination in the darkness of ignorance. The moon itself eventually became associated with another god and Thoth was more often associated with wisdom and writing, thus becoming the patron of scribes (writers). However, Thoths connection to the moon sustained in that magic, measurement, regulation of events, and of time itself remained associated with this most important of Egyptian deities.

Spiritkeepers™ Stone #sk056 shown above.

The wearing or carrying of an image of this ancient animal deity certainly could call upon totem animal like aspects to gain assistance from a "Higher Power" for a wide variety of us simple humans living today. Thoth may be called upon by modern Pagans, Wiccans, and witches for assistance in writing ones own spells or rituals, especially having to do with moon magick. An author or poet of any faith may find inspiration in an image of Thoth as a simple good luck charm. Through meditation upon His image, those having legal difficulties, or social issues, may find helpful counsel from Thoth in discovering how to persuade an opponent to see things your way... if you stand in a place of truth. Modern astrologists and astronomers could also gain important insight through meditating upon an image of Thoth. Those working in the fields of personal organiser, construction, mathematics, or any field of the sciences could improve skills with the help of this god.

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