Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buffalo and Calf Holey Stone

 This new large Spiritkeepers Stone comes with an upright brass display stand for one of a kind home decor. It features a unique landscape painting of a mother Native American Bison with morning mist steaming from her mouth while her baby buffalo calf stands by her side. It was inspired by the shapes found within the natural surface, formed by fossils & fossil imprints, so it has a great deal of texture. In some areas, especially the calf, the image seem 3-D! I painted it with washes of color and careful dry brushed layers of acrylic paint.

The type of stone is limestone, known to generate metaphysical energy, and shale created from ancient swamp silt in the Ohio Valley. The presence of fossils is said to increase creativity with the surrounding environment. Being naturally holed, this rock makes a perfect totem animal amulet.

A naturally holed stone, or holey stone, is also known as the Witches Amulet or Witches Dream Shield. It is the most powerful protection amulet for the witch because it IS the presence of the Goddess Herself. The opening in the stone is the Sacred Womb of the Earth. When strung with a red string or ribbon & placed over the bed it acts as a shield against bad dreams, much like the Native American dream catcher. A holey stone may also be used for Full Moon magic by gazing at the moon through the hole.

Buffalo and Calf Holey Stone Spiritkeepers #sk021
- 8 1/2" long
- 6 3/4" at tallest points
- 1/4" to nearly 1" thickness varies
- included brass stand is 3 1/2" high w/ rubber covered feet to protect surfaces

Each Spiritkeepers™ is unique, individually numbered & signed with the Spiritkeepers™ sigil logo; no fillers or cutting ever used on stones. The reverse side shows the sigil, number & natural color of the stone. This piece is intended for indoor or protected outdoor display. Coated with durable clear varathane varnish, so the surface is water washable with cold water and care.
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Painted stone art images & totem animal text, unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt.

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