Friday, February 21, 2014

Eyes of Buddha Symbol Paperweight Spiritkeepers Stone

 One of a kind hand painted art stone featuring the Eyes of Buddha design with the phrase "Om mani padme hum", which means, "I bow to the jewel in the lotus blossom". Place on you desk or in decor as a reminder of Nature, or use as a small paperweight to hold down the pages of a favorite book. The painted surface is smooth Devonian Limestone and has not been changed by me in any manner other than having been painted. No cuts or fillers are ever used on Spiritkeepers Stones; the shapes are formed by Nature. The collection location is from Lake Erie. After being painted with its unique design the stone was coated with a protective clear varnish.

Eyes of Buddha Spiritkeepers Stone #sk102

- 2 1/2" wide
- 1 3/4" high
- 1/2" thick


From a metaphysical view, being comprised of fossil, this stone is a link to ancient knowledge -- the Akashic Record. It is thought this type of stone can accelerate the transfer of said knowledge into one's "being". Telepathic abilities may develop or increase. Fossils in general, from a metaphysical understanding, may bring quality & excellence into one's surroundings. It may raise the level of, and add to one's achievements in the business world. Creativity may be increased simply by the presence of fossil stone in the environment. Devonian Limestone has, what I think, is a wonderful metaphysical feel. It is an active energy but in a fluid controlled manner, whereas some stones just vibrate waves of high key energy that may require a bit of effort to direct; the Devonian Limestone seems to "go with the flow". The limestone base rock itself is a very grounding stone, helping to center your thoughts within your actions, and also encourages positive thoughts.

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*unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt.
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