Saturday, February 1, 2014

Black Wolf Face Paperweight Fossil Rock

One of a kind hand painted totem animal art stone featuring the bust of a black wolf with golden yellow eyes that seems ready to speak words of ancient wisdom at any moment. The painted surface is a river smoothed limestone fossil cluster, and has not been changed by me in any manner other than having been painted. No cuts or fillers are ever used on Spiritkeepers Stones; the shapes are formed by Nature.

The metaphysical properties of the stone make it an excellent addition to an office or studio work space (see details below). Turn the stone over and enjoy viewing the unpainted fossil cluster surface, including tiny brachiopod shells and fragments.

** The second photograph above shows the stone before the protective varnish was applied because details of the painting can be more easily detected by the camera and seen online without the mild shine reflecting my studio lights.**

The collection location of this stone is from the Southwestern Ohio Valley, USA -- the Appalachian Basin on the pinnacle of the Cincinnati Arch. These fossils are found predominately in a large strata of thinly bedded, but dense fossiliforous, limestone approximately 450 million years old. After the stone was collected it was cleaned, painted with its unique design, then coated with layers of protective clear varnish.

Black Wolf Face Paperweight Spiritkeepers Stone #sk092
- 4" x 5"
- 2 1/4" at highest thickness, thickness varies

From a metaphysical view, being comprised of fossil, this stone is a link to ancient knowledge -- the Akashic Record. It is thought this type of stone can accelerate the transfer of said knowledge into one's "being". Telepathic abilities may develop or increase. Fossils in general, from a metaphysical understanding, may bring quality & excellence into one's surroundings. It may raise the level of, and add to one's achievements in the business world. Creativity may be increased simply by the presence of fossil stone in the environment. The limestone base rock itself is a very grounding stone, helping to center your thoughts within your actions, and also encourages positive thoughts.


*unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt.

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