Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shift Happens

The Curio Castle Shoppe and my Fine Art Store at Etsy are going through some big changes. We're currently relocating our real world location (home), and so I thought it best to temporarily close both of my Etsy shops during this time. If you have a favorite item, you can contact me and still make a purchase provided you can afford some patience as we organise the inventory storage. Good customer service and lovable products are always my priority, so I hope to resolve the situation swiftly.

Ongoing art projects too must sadly be put on hold for a while, and trust me this is the hard one for myself; shift happens, and shift we must. Overall I think the changes will be better for my family as well as my art work out put, but it sorely hurts to put a pause on things for now.

All art work images, unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt. Text information may not be used for profit. Information about hand painted Spiritkeepers ™ stones & shells by WWAO artist, Tree Pruitt.

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