Thursday, August 28, 2008

NEW River Otter Stone Is Very Realistic

River Otter Profile Bust Spiritkeepers Stone #013
Unique, One of a Kind Hand Painted Totem Animal Art

I'm excited to release this new river otter into the wild! The unique shape of the rock begged for a sleek animal, and being that the stone is a river rock made otter a perfect choice. I never really know what the final animal is going to look like when a piece is finished, and I was rather surprised by the details of this critter. This river otter wears a somewhat serious expression, watching with alert senses. Realistic details bring the face to life, in the more difficult to manage 3/4 profile position. A slight bit of color hints at a lush river background, adding a vivid contrast to the red-brown fur of the otter. The fur colors are rich natural tones with creamy highlights; a personal favorite color combination.
The entire stone is about half the size an actual otter head would be in nature, and wraps around the form of the rock. On the back of the stone some of the natural color of the rock can be seen. I always try to leave some of the natural surface showing so it's new partner (aka owner) can be aware of that connection to a thing of nature, and not just decorative art.
As of now, this stone is currently available in my Curio Castle Etsy Shop (mysticgriffin) but if it has already found a home you can still read the details and see other photos by looking in the "Sold" section.
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