Friday, August 22, 2008

New Stones Listed; Fox, Eagle, Bear, Dolphin

Just yesterday the garden yielded a few rocks that called out to be painted -- to do a little spiritual work perhaps. That brought to mind several Spiritkeepers that hadn't been listed yet for sale in my Etsy store. So based upon that inner guidance, I've listed several brand new stones! Some familiar favorite animals have popped up this time. I'm not entirely thrilled with the quality of my photographs, in all cases, but I am sure you'll be thrilled with the detail and care an in-person look will reveal.

Grizzly Bear #034 is curled up watching out for you from a granite pebble, Red Fox #031 and Bald Eagle Feather #030 are both painted on branch coral fossil, and Minoan Dolphin #020 on Pacific Ocean basalt would make a perfect paper weight for holding down spells at the altar or enchant bills on the desk top. I've personally encountered a real life example of each of these animals at one point; but my dolphins were in Florida and not Crete.
Some of the smaller stones are excellent to wire wrap as jewelry pendants, and it pleases me to offer them to other artists. Of corse, if a buyer would like to have a certain piece wrapped I can do so in brass, copper, or sterling silver, at this time, for a reasonable additional fee. Those same stones would also be perfect for a mo-jo medicine bag, and psst -- I can make those out of hand sewn leather too! The important thing is that if you feel a certain stone call to you then I'd like us all to be happy; lay away plan is available and custom requests considered.
I hope you enjoy viewing these new rocks in the Spiritkeepers collection!

Below, Brown Grizzly Bear #034

Minoan Dolphin #020
Red Fox #031 branch coral fossil

Bald Eagle Feather #030

All art work images, unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt. Text information may not be used for profit. Information about hand painted Spiritkeepers ™ stones & shells by WWAO artist, Tree Pruitt.

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