Friday, June 8, 2007

Timber Wolf Holey Stone #018

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A highly detailed bust of a red brown timber wolf. Golden eyes shine out from fur created by dry brushing many layers of paint over the natural texture of the stone. A wash of a pale blue sky and green makes a slight background. The new owner of this stone will be amazed to feel the details in the actual surface! Sculpted by an ancient underground river. The ears and chin, especially, are created from dry brushing thin layers of paint over the natural shapes in the rock. Being naturally holed, and sized at two inches high and two wide, this rock makes a perfect totem amulet or Witches Dream Shield. The thickness is about one fourth of an inch. Since this timber wolf Spiritkeepers can be worn as a necklace or pendant it comes with a light tan satin cord. Each Spiritkeepers is unique and individually numbered. This piece is intended for indoor display though surface is water washable with cold water and care. Stone #018

Wolf SpiritKeepers™ Holey Stone - A naturally holed stone, or holey stone, is also known as the Witches Amulet. It is the most powerful protection amulet for the witch because it IS the presense of the Goddess Herself. The opening in the stone is the Sacred Womb of the Earth. When strung with a red string or ribbon and hung over the bed, (Witches Dream Shield), it acts as a shield against bad dreams -- much like the Native American dream catcher. A holey stone may also be used for Full Moon magic by gazing at the moon through the hole. **NOTE: Information and suggestions intended as entertainment only. I make no claims to an items magickal abilities. Meditate at your own risk!

All art work images, unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt. Text information may not be used for profit. Metaphysical suggestions are intended as entertainment only -- I/we make no claims as to the ability of the action of stones, spells or advise.
Information about hand painted Spiritkeepers ™ stones & shells by WWAO artist, Tree Pruitt.

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