Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Big Otter Spiritkeepers Stone sk022

This item is actual stone, hand painted by artist Tree Pruitt.

A highly detailed form of an adorable otter graces this large Spiritkeepers stone. It is a hand painted original design created from the natural forms of the rock itself! See, in the photos, how the back leg actually has dimension.
Handpainted otter Spiritkeepers stone by Tree Pruitt.
Fur is created from hours of carefully dry brushing acrylic paint over the surface. Finished with a durable indoor/outdoor protective varnish. Sized at seven inches long, nearly three inches tall, and with a depth of two inches at the hind quarter, it makes a perfect desktop paper weight or home accent. Sits upright by itself on a level surface. Each Spiritkeepers is unique and individually numbered. This piece is intended for indoor display though surface is water washable with cold water and care. Smooth bottom is safe for most all surfaces. Stone #sk022, check my website for availability.

The playful otter is filled with curious feminine energy. Each of us, regardless of gender, has both a feminine and masculine side. One of the lessons of otter is the balance of feminity; to avoid catty, jealous behavior and delight in sharing with others. The otter can help awaken your inner child, and show you how to release yourself from the things in life that may be a burden or bind. Be comfortable in your own environment. Stop clinging to the rocks, and go with the flow of the river of life in joy, as does the otter.
TOTEM ANIMAL KEY NOTES: playful, feminine energy, curiosity, balance, wisdom to use knowledge learned

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