Friday, August 28, 2009

Painted Goddess Fossils & Pebbles

I've had a lot of fun painting several new stones featuring representations of the Goddess. The example shown at the left is stone #sk048, and the image includes a pencil to show how perfectly sized these new pebbles are for tucking into a pocket, pouch or medicine fetish bag. I've also painted some that are not fossil, and some of those come with a hand sewn leather storage pouch! As always, each is unique and only worked on when the energy is positive for best metaphysical flow. They make wonderful amulets for fertility, to increase creativity, or to rest upon a personal altar top as a symbol of feminine goddess energy; Some could even be wire wrapped as your own jewelry supply! Being tiny and affordable they also make great additions to a gift for a Pagan or Wiccan friend.

These stones, and others, can be purchased at my site, Realm of the Mystic Griffin, where there are special pages just for Spiritkeepers™ or my Curio Castle Shoppe. I'll be adding more varieties soon, such as realistic full nude Earth Mother Goddess and two very special miniature paintings of the historical Moon Goddess Inanna, so please do browse by again!

All art work images, unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt. Text information may not be used for profit. Information about hand painted Spiritkeepers™ stones & shells by WWAO artist, Tree Pruitt.

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