Monday, December 3, 2007

Big Wolf Painting Double Naturally Holed Stone

This item is actual natural rock and a unique, one of a kind, design painted on 450 million years old "canvas"!

Each Spiritkeepers is unique and individually numbered hand painted stone or shell. This piece is intended for indoor display, though surface is water washable with cold water and care. Sized at 12" wide, 10" (two inches) tall, and about 1 1/2" at the thickest point, it will require a display easel or space to lean -- not recommended as a wall hanging due to weight between 7 to 10 pounds.

This is without a doubt the largest Spiritkeepers Stone to date; A special DOUBLE NATURALLY HOLED STONE! Part of an underground rock layer at one time, it was shaped by nature rather than being broken out of the ground, and was discovered resting peacefully in the magic of running water. It caught my eye as I passed by this stone, seeming to demand attention. Despite the rugged texture I knew it had to become a painting, so I lugged its weight back to my studio by hand. I never go out on "hunting trips" when I collect, to load up a truck or wheel barrow with random stones. I just simply go for a walk and see what speaks out to me, if anything at all. The triangle shaped piece here, with its two natural holes, seemed to want to become something new. I was glad to oblige.

It was a tough job for me and my paintbrushes, working with the rough texture of this stone -- working "with" and not hiding the natural surface. Note the areas where actual brachiopod fossils shells can be seen. On the back you can see them unpainted, in the natural fossil colors darkened slightly by varnish. It had to be painstakingly hand cleaned of creek bed debris before being painted as a highly detailed bust of a red brown timber wolf. The entire piece took a year to craft, from cleaning to the final protective varnish layers.

Golden eyes shine out from fur created by dry brushing many layers of paint over the natural texture of the stone. Washes of pale blue sky, and vivid greens, make a slight background with trees. The new owner of this stone will be amazed to feel the facial details of the wolf in the actual surface, which was sculpted by an ancient underground river. The ears and mouth especially are created from dry brushing thin layers of paint over the natural shapes in the rock. The entire nose is actually a brachiopod fossil shell. This stone is a striking piece for home decor and specimen collections for the office space; Sure to impress guests with the size alone.

The painted surface is a limestone and shale fossil cluster, with very well articulated half shell brachiopods and other fossils. Location is from the Southwestern Ohio Valley, USA -- the Appalachian Basin on the pinnacle of the Cincinnati Arch. These fossils are found predominately in a large strata of thinly bedded, but dense fossiliforous, limestone approximately 450 million years old! The most recognizable of these fossil species are Brachiopods, Trilobites, Cepholopods, Bryozoa, Crinoids, Eurypterids and Horn Corals. This particular stone is replete with specimens.

From a metaphysical view, being comprised of fossil, this stone is a link to ancient knowledge -- the Akashic Record. It is thought this type of stone can accelerate the transfer of said knowledge into one's "being". Telepathic abilities may develop or increase. Fossils in general, from a metaphysical understanding, may bring quality & excellence into one's surroundings. It may raise the level of, and add to one's achievements in the business world. Creativity may be increased simply by the presence of fossil stone in the environment.
*A naturally holed stone, or holey stone, is also known as the Witches Amulet. It is the most powerful protection amulet for the witch because it IS the presence of the Goddess Herself, the opening in the stone being the Sacred Womb of the Earth. When strung with a red string or ribbon and hung over or near the bed it acts as a shield against bad dreams, called Witches Dream Shield -- much like the Native American dream catcher. A holey stone may also be used for Full Moon magic by gazing at the moon through the hole.

All art work images, unless otherwise credited, copyright Tree Pruitt. Text information may not be used for profit. Information about hand painted Spiritkeepers ™ stones & shells by WWAO artist, Tree Pruitt.

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